You Should Get More out of a business membership than just a facebook group
How would your business change if you committed to meeting 1 new entrepreneur each month? 
What if that business owner was actually someone that could help you with your current roadblocks? 
What is the value in relationships with like-minded people? 
You're officially invited to find out. 
The Unicorn Exchange is a concierge service that connects you to other entrepreneurs around the world for routine, one-on-one video calls that are mutually beneficial and result in endless opportunities.  

Sure, you could say we’re another mastermind, networking group… but not like you’ve experienced before. In a sense, Unicorn Exchange isn’t anything new… It is a group of entrepreneurs that collaborate, brainstorm, network, and mastermind together. But, there are a few things that we’re doing differently that for kindred souls are having revolutionary effects. 

Let’s be real, the entrepreneur world is saturated with networking and mastermind groups. You can log in to facebook right now and join 20 of them in less than a minute. If you’re reading this you’ve probably have been a part (or still are) a few of these groups yourself. More than likely, you haven’t gotten what you want out of it, which is what we all could use more of, support. True cheerleaders in your stands that are ready to offer suggestions, send referrals and be in your corner when you just keep hitting that brick wall. Sure we’re in these groups to meet others and hopefully stumble across a unicorn that will be your kind of people… but it’s at the sake of fate, there’s not a system in place to facilitate those connections that result in life-changing friendships, your next new hire, or accountability buddy. That’s how we are unlike all the other networking groups and masterminds - we provide a concierge system to connect you with like-minded business owners. 

That’s where we come in. We’re a system for connection. 
By providing a concierge service that matches you with a new entrepreneur each month for a guided one-on-one call. No more just hanging out behind the keyboard, you’re actually meeting other (vetted) entrepreneurs from around the world that share the same values as you. 

Imagine a full-time friend that was dedicated to matching you with someone you
 needed to meet every month to move your business forward. *Raises hand* That’s us! 

You’re a one-man-marketing agency needing help with systems? 
Oh! Let us introduce you to another unicorn in the group that is needing some marketing advice. 
This month you two meet, follow the unicorn guide during your call and both walk away with invaluable feedback, a new fan, and feeling supported-the-hell-out-of. 

Imagine how your business would change if you gained just one new fan every month.
One new person that was in your corner.
One new brain that had you in mind for ideas, referrals and resources. 

This is what the Unicorn Exchange was created for. To create a place for like-minded entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate all over the world. It’s a virtual home for entrepreneurs who care about more than just profits, it’s for people that see business as a tool for social change, for those that want to do business differently and to have an actual connection with those who think the same…. 

So, sure, we are another business-networking-mastermind-entreprenuer-vip-blahblahblah group… but more importantly, we’re a system for connection and bringing together the best in the business. A home for entrepreneurs to collaborate for a better business, better life, and better impact. 

Why Would You Like to Join?
Which Best Describes You?
Are You Interested In Really Meeting Others?
If Yes, How Often?
I Agree To Receive Occasional Emails From Unicorn Exchange, Such As Information On This Application.
how the unicorn exchange works
  • SLACK GROUP: Easy, focused connection. No more getting lost in the bustle of Facebook or the dread of your email inbox. 
  • PERSONAL CONCIERGE: A real life Unicorn Team Member is assigned to get to know you so we know on a personal level who you need to meet and what your roadblocks are. 
  • 1-ON-1 MEETINGS: Each month your concierge introduces you to another unicorn to meet for a 45 minute meeting. These calls are done via Slack's video chat system and guided with our Unicorn Call Guide designed to create effective, non-awkward meetings! 
  •  BONUS: BOOK CLUB: The book club is designed to keep the conversation going, when we learn as a group we grow together. Each month we highlight a new book to challenge our community and keep moving!
  •  BONUS: GROUP CALLS: One on ones are great but group masterminding and book club discussions are too! 
  •   BONUS: MEMBERS PORTAL: The one stop shop to manage your account, find members in the directory, access slack, find the calendar and more! Everything you need is on the members portal. 
  Expand Your Opportunities by growing your network
You, know instead of just scrolling through a Facebook group of sketchy posts where you're just waiting for the next person to pitch you an MLM. No more suedo-networking. The Unicorn Exchange is your personal assistant for growing your network.

When you become a member you are assigned a personal concierge, yes a real human, that gets to know you. Along with knowing the other members in the community. This way when we set you up for your monthly or weekly online networking opportunity you're being connected to a vetted individual that we believe will provide you value for a specific reason. 

We are here to provide intentional connections for you that result in tangible opportunities for growth. When meeting new entrepreneurs is routine, you're tapping in to the benefits of the theory of 6 degrees of separation. You're creating a snowball effect for your success. Keep connected, keep growing. Building a business is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. Surround yourself with positive, impact-focused entrepreneurs that build you and your business up. You are the result of the 5 closest people to you. Being a Unicorn Exchange member means having the network and support you need to succeed.
In 6 steps and a couple hours a month you can be on your way to 
expanding your network, knowledge, and opportunities. 
1. Join The Community
Fill out the application above and you'll automatically be invited to try our community and system for 30 days. How else are we going to know if we're a fit for each other unless we get started?
2. Meet Your Concierge
After you start your trial, you'll be directed to the portal where you can join our slack group. You'll be assigned a conceirge who'll introduce theirself in Slack, this is how we communicate.
3. monthly match survey
Complete a quick monthly survey in the portal that your conceirge will use to pair you with a match. Your first match will be a veteran Unicorn that we use as a part of our trial period process.
4. Meet your match
Your concierge will then use the information you provide to pair you with another Unicorn. They'll introduce you in a 3 way message on slack. Now is when you will set a time to meet!
5. Pre Game Your Call
Before your call, check out the Unicorn Guide & Directory available in the membership portal. You'll find information pertaining to your assigned Unicorn as well as a Call Guide to help keep the conversation valuable.
6. An Opportune Meeting
Meet with your assigned Unicorn, going through the guide together to create mutually beneficial experience for each other. After the call to ensure standards we ask for a review. [aka no pitching ;) ]
What is this Unicorn Exchange Magic, anyway?
The Unicorn Exchange is a global group of entrepreneurs that believe business is more than just profit. We believe business is the most underutilized tool for social change & we're here to change that. By creating an engaging worldwide community of business owners that help each other grow their businesses in ethically responsible ways. Because at the end of the day business is about people, not just profits. Business enables freedom, opportunity, & change. The Unicorn Exchange is all about helping individuals create a better business, better life, & better impact. 
  •  Principled: We believe business is a form of social impact and a gateway to individual freedom.
  • Exclusive: Our community standards means only positive, contributing individuals to be involved. 
  • Affordable: We know you need to invest in your business, our membership gives you the highest ROI. 
  •  Engaging: Actually connecting is crucial. We make it a priority to make sure no one is left out. 
  •  Challenging: Our standards, mentors, and accountability keep you on your toes for continual growth. 

"A challenging way to keep track of the promises I made to my business and it was by far the best program I’ve invested in so far in terms of their support / knowledge / encouragement / abilities and more. I’ve met some great people too!”


"It is easy to settle for status quo when you don’t have someone to hold you accountable. This program will help you focus on what you need to focus on so you can grow, rather than just doing things to 'feel busy.'”


"They made it easy for me to make payments and take that worry off my plate so I could focus on my business growth.”


"They know what needs to be done, and help with weekly motivation.”

YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS? We've got answers.
Contact us at (not .com)
  • Opportunities: We believe that the best way to create new opportunities is to get out there and meet new amazing people.
  •  Convenient: We don't believe the only way you should be able to meet someone new is by spending thousands on retreats or conferences. 
  • Affordable: Though we do love in person events, it shouldn't be the only way to network as an online entrepreneur. Don't pay 5k to meet someone new at a conference with stale coffee. Meh. 
  • Common Sense:  You should be able to live in the middle of no where, have a 9-5 job, not sell your kidney to pay for it and still meet really amazing business owners from all around the world from where ever you are on a routine basis. 
  •  Vetted: All Members meet with Unicorn Exchange staff for initial interview and routine checks to make sure they are receiving and providing the highest level of service.
  • Flexible:  Monthly or Weekly matches available to suit your schedule.
  •  Concierge:  Personal concierge that personally gets to know your need and introduces you to each of your matches
  •  Lonely No More: Go from lonely, stagnant entrepreneur spinning your wheels to well supported business owner that has new resources and opportunities after each call. .
  • Real Life: Actually meet other entrepreneurs face to face (well screen to screen) & form real relationships that result in partnerships, new hires, knowledge, resources, customers, and other endless opportunities. .
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